Customize the Appearance of the opened roadmap document

There is no standard for the roadmap, but we all know it’s a roadmap when we see one. Drawing is the only way to create roadmap charts if need to support all the possibilities. However, drawing is not a practical solution with good efficiency, which does not help maintain roadmap information in structure data to integrate with other systems.

Roadmap app provides powerful configuration options to help customize the appearance of the document to make the user interface more business-friendly. Most options are associated with the document, affect only the opened document itself, and are stored within the document. These options also work the same way when opening the document on other devices.

We recommend that you try all of the configuration options to understand how they work and use them correctly and efficiently when needed.

  • The roadmap Timeline is fully customizable.
  • Task field visibility - which fields are visible on the updating panel (which fields the roadmap uses for the business needs).

    There are some fields defined for the roadmap plans.

    • Name
    • Start
    • Finish
    • Duration
    • % Complete - the progress of the task
    • Owner - the owner of the task
    • Notes
    • Estimated Cost - includes estimated labor cost, materials cost, and total estimated cost.
    • Actual Cost - includes actual labor cost, materials cost, and total actual cost.
    • Materials Cost - Input manually.
    • Total Cost - Automatically calculated = Labor Cost + Materials Cost

    Moreover, some fields without pre-defined purposes - it's up to the users how to use them for the business needs.

    • 6 single-line text fields
    • 3 boolean fields
    • 2 multiple-line text fields
    • 3 URL fields
    • Icon
  • Task field Title - change the task field title for the business needs (e.g., changing the title from English to the language you need).
  • Section lane display styles - 15 lane display styles
  • When displaying taskbars in large size, the content on the taskbars is customizable.
  • Bulleted text. Format multiple-line of text with bullets.

App Preferences which impact the display of all the roadmap documents

There are options which impact all the document display on the device (no effect if opening the same document on another device)