Roadmap provides some task fields defined for roadmap plans, and also provides some task fields without pre-defined purposes.

Task Fields

  • Name
  • Start
  • Finish
  • Duration
  • % Complete - the progress of the task
  • Owner - the owner of the task
  • Notes
  • Estimated Cost - includes estimated labor cost, materials cost, and total estimated cost.
  • Actual Cost - includes actual labor cost, materials cost, and total actual cost.
  • Materials Cost - Input manually.
  • Total Cost - Automatically calculated = Labor Cost + Materials Cost

Task Fields without pre-defined purposes

Roadmap does not define the usage of following the fields - it's up to the users to define how to use the fields

  • 6 single-line text fields
  • 3 boolean fields
  • 2 multiple-line text fields
  • 3 URL fields
  • Icon


Roadmap supports to customize the title and visibility of the task fields