Roadmap app is mainly used for product and project roadmap and high level plan. From a process perspective,the roadmap can be the input of a project schedule.

Roadmap app supports to export a roadmap document to a QuickPlan file, with options to customize the timeline, date, structure and content

  • Timeline Customization - flexible to map Roadmap timeline cells to QuickPlan timeline date, and to customize the project calendar (working and non-working day). For example to map a roadmap timeline cell to one week of QuickPlan project schedule.
  • Start Date - Specify the start date of the exported QuickPlan project.
  • Layout - Organize roadmap section and row to task groups in QuickPlan project.
  • Content - And to customize the content in the QuickPlan project


  • The minimum task duration in QuickPlan project schedule is one day.
  • Roadmap app does not support to import from QuickPlan file. (Roadmap app organizes tasks in sections and rows, and a task can't overlay another task. Converting QuickPlan schedule will cause logical problem)