Task Maintenance

Section, Row, and Task

The Roadmap app organizes tasks into sections and rows.

Drawing Mode

Intuitive gestures to create, remove, split the task and combine tasks when in Drawing Mode super-efficient.

  • Swipe right to create a new task; swipe down to create a new milestone. Even more efficient: When you create a new task or milestone, if your finger is not on an existing section, a new section or row is created up to the distance of the section above it from your finger's position to contain the tasks.
  • Swipe left and down quickly from a task to remove the task.
  • Tap a task to split it, tap between two tasks to combine them into one.

Drawing mode provides only the above operations. If you need other operations, please go back to the standard mode.

The drawing mode on iPhone is a little different. Please take a look at the details.

Task Selecting and Context Menu

Select a Task

  • Tap a not-selected task to select it.
  • ←,→,↓,↑ (Arrow Key) to switch task selection

Task Context Menu

Tap on a selected task again to present the task-related context menu

Move Task

Change Task Duration

Copy Task

A new section or row will be created up to the target position of the copied task.

Update Task Properties

Directly Edit Task Title

Remove Task

Create Section and Row

Move Section

Move Row

See the details on task maintenance in the online user manual.

See the online user guide for details on section/row maintenance.

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