The Basis

Document-Based App

"Roadmap for macOS" is a document-based app, the users(you) have full control on how to store and share the file.

Welcome Window

Run the Roadmap app, and we will be guided to the welcome window. We can access the recently accessed roadmap files, or load a roadmap by browsing a .rdmap file on the Mac device. Also, we can create a new roadmap file.

Roadmap Window

A roadmap document will display in a roadmap window, with below the major layout

Roadmap Chart

Roadmap tasks are organized in sections and rows. With an important policy is that a task can not overlay one another.

  • A task can NOT overlay another task
  • Section Lane display style is customizable (Right-click on section lane to customize section lane display style)
  • App provides gestures and context menu to maintain the sections and rows

Press ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show shortcut tips in the active roadmap window.

Please check out following the common keyboard shortcuts before getting started, more keyboard shortcuts can be found from the app menu.

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