Task Maintenance

Task creating by gestures

Roadmap for macOS makes creating tasks be straightforward. We can create tasks (and with sections, rows together) using the intuitive gesture efficiently.

Create a new task only.

  • ⇧ + Mouse Horizontally Moving ("Shift” key + "Mouse” moving horizontally) to create a new TASK.
  • ⇧ + Mouse Vertically Moving ("Shift” key + "Mouse” moving horizontally) to create a new MILESTONE.

Create a new task AND a new Section or a new Row together

  • Creating a new task at the position a little below a section will also create a new row at the bottom of the section.
  • Creating a new task a little far from the last section will also create a new section.

Roadmap for macOS supports copy task by mouse gesture

  • ⌥ + Mouse Moving ("Option” key + "Mouse moving”) to copy task.
  • It also supports creating a section or a row simultaneously when copying to create a new task.

"Splitting Task" may be the more intuitive and efficient approach to create new tasks.

We strongly recommend trying below the approach to create a roadmap within just minutes.

  • ⌥ + Mouse-Clicking ("Option” keys + "Mouse-clicking”) to split the task and combine tasks (if possible).
  • "Delete” Key to remove the selected task.

The title of Sections, Rows, and Tasks

Double-click on a section, on a row, or on a task to edit the title directly

  • Double-click a task to edit the task name directly.
  • "Return" key to edit the name of the selected task.
  • Double-click the section part in a section lane to edit the section title.
  • Double-click row part in a section lane to edit the row title directly.

The Properties of Sections and Tasks

Maintain the properties on the updating panel

  • Additional to the task fields with pre-defined purposes (such as task title, notes, date, owner, cost), there are some task fields without pre-defined definitions, including six single-line text-fields, two multiple-line text-fields, and three URL fields.
  • Click the setting button at the top of updating panel to customize the visibility and title of the task fields.

Move Section / Row by gestures.

⌘ + Mouse-Moving ("Command” key + "Mouse Moving”) to move selected Section/Row Up or Down.

Context Menus

Right-click on a Section, a Row, and a Task to display the related context menu.

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