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Data Security

The Roadmap app stores user-created documents on the user's device or in iCloud Drive, at the user's discretion. We (the development team) do not store user-created Roadmap documents on our servers.

Document Groups

The Roadmap app organizes multiple roadmap documents into three groups.

By default, only the "My Documents" group is loaded. Tap the "Load Group..." button to load other groups.

New Roadmap Document

Tap on the "+" tile to create a new roadmap document.

Operations for roadmap documents

You can long press a tile for a roadmap document to display the document's context menu.

Duplicate a Roadmap

You can create a new roadmap by duplicating an existing roadmap document. Long-press a document tile, and then tap the "Duplicate" menu to create a new roadmap.

Copy a Document to Other Group

Open a Roadmap Document

Tap a tile of a roadmap document to open the roadmap document.

please refer to the online user manual.

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