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Document-Based app

Roadmap for macOS is a document-based app. The users own the roadmap data (stored in files) created by the users, and so the uses control the file transferring.

  • Roadmap data is stored in files (with .rdmap file extension) on the Mac device

  • For the concern of data security, there is no server provided by us to store the roadmap data created by the users.

    (This is very important for your critical business, especially for the enterprise users. As roadmap charts are only stored as files on the place specified by the creators, the users own the data and take actions to share according to the particular security policy)

  • Roadmap data sharing and sync are file-based, controlled by the user only. For example to store roadmap files (.rdmap) on iCloud Drive folder, or copy to Dropbox sync folder (if Dropbox for macOS installed), or to upload directly to other cloud services for sharing and sync.

Run roadmap app, and we will be guided to the landing window. We can access the recently accessed roadmap files, or load a roadmap by browsing a .rdmap file on the Mac device. Also, we can create a new roadmap file saved on the Mac device.

Roadmap Window
Roadmap Chart

Roadmap tasks are organized in sections and rows. And the important policy is that a task can not overlay one another.

  • Task can NOT overlay another task

  • Section Lane display style is customizable
    (Right-click on section lane to customize section lane display style)

  • App provides gestures and context menu to maintain the sections and rows

Shortcuts Cheat-Sheet

Press ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show common keyboard shortcuts in active roadmap window

(now the keyboard shortcuts are not finalized)

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