Is there a Quick Start Guide?

For better productivity from the moment you start using the Roadmap app, check out Online Quick Start Guide.

How can I cancel a App Store Auto renewal subscription?

Please see Apple’s instructions for viewing, changing or canceling your subscriptions.

Where can I find the User Manual?

What is the main difference with the QuickPlan app?

    • The Roadmap app is mainly for product roadmaps, project roadmaps, and high-level project plans.
    • QuickPlan is primarily for project roadmaps.

    Some users use these apps outside of their primary focus and find them more convenient to use than other apps designed for other purposes. While we try to accommodate the different needs of users, our apps still retain their primary design focus.

    • Lead future planning and management.
    • Lead the team in execution.
    • Roadmap planning is at a very early stage of a product or project, the tasks in a roadmap are rough to guide future work.
    • The project schedule should be accurate and detailed enough to guide project execution.
    • Multiple tasks in a row, but one task cannot overlap another task.
    • One task in one row.
    • In the roadmap phase, we can care about phases, owners, and the rough estimate.
    • In the planning phase, we are interested in the date, resources, cost, and status.

Can I create a Roadmap Template?

Any roadmap file can be a template - A roadmap is a file. From the home screen, long press on a document tile and then tap the “Duplicate” menu to copy it to a new document.

Where are my documents stored?

We (Roadmap App Developer Team) do not have a server where user-created roadmap data is stored. Users own the roadmap documents they create. The Roadmap app stores the user’s roadmap plan on the user’s device and in iCloud Drive. The file path is selected by the user on the Roadmap app home screen.

How to sync across multiple devices via iCloud Drive?

QuickPlan supports synchronization of projects via iCloud Drive. Please check the details in the online user manual.

Can I specify some task names, then Roadmap will help me with the rest?


If I subscribe to the iOS version, do I have to subscribe to the Mac version as well?

Yes, if you want to use the app on the macOS devices. When we start to develop the app, there is no way to bundle the apps from different operating systems.

Is there anything else?

Please see the online user manual or contact us.

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